New Life Bible Reading Plan

Purpose:  To make disciples at Park Road by learning humbly the word of God.

                 To build relationships with other believers.

                 To make God’s word the center of our lives and priorities.


What:  A one to one Bible reading plan is a very simple, but powerful way to disciple someone and help them grow and mature in their knowledge and relationship with God. Every week you will meet together (Or Zoom or call) about a chapter of scripture that you both agree to read. You can use a certain method to help guide you in your break down of each chapter.


How:   Although there are many ways to read the Bible, one very effective way of reading the Bible together is called the Swedish Bible Method, which is very simple. Begin and end every meeting in prayer. You read the passage of scripture together. Then there are three basic things each person goes back and looks for.            

  1. A light bulb: Anything that shines out in the passage and draws attention; something important that sticks out to the reader.
  2. A question mark: anything that is hard to understand; something that the reader would like to be able to ask the author or ask God about what they read.
  3. An arrow: anything that applies personally to the readers life.

Each person should write down or discuss 1-3 things under each category. You can either read the passage and  write these down before the meeting or do this in person.


When:  This is to be a weekly Bible Reading time. A good suggestion is to read one chapter per week to start with. Depending on the person and level of their spiritual maturity, you may want to read more. 

For more helps with Bible interpretation here is a good resource for you where you can find a list of great commentaries that will aid you as you read the Bible.

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