Leadership at Park Road

Presbyterian polity (governance) values the inclusion of lay leadership in the order of the church. Those in leadership have been nominated and elected by fellow covenant partners within the congregation who affirm that they exhibit the gifts and spiritual maturity to serve in these roles.


In Presbyterian churches, each congregation is governed by its session. Elders oversee the spiritual health and wellbeing of the church through ministries which include but are not limited to worship, sacraments, education, evangelism, and missions. Our current elders are:

Trudy Bush

Sheila Carter
Marybeth Dietrich

Pat Hummel

Brian Keeny

Alan Marsdale

Cindy Sensenig


Deacons lead ministries that nurture fellowship and caregiving within and beyond the congregation. Each deacon serves a parish, or group of covenant partners. Deacons serve and encourage their parish, and facilitate assistance for those in seasons of need by providing things like meals, rides, and prayer. Our current deacons are:

Kendra Bailey

Lou Ann Goodreau

Bette Keeny

Suzette Leskowicz

Lynn Macadangdang

Linda Mackey

Louise Reynolds

Gail Simmons

Debra Taylor

Phyllis Tolson
Ann Wenrich

Stephanie Wilson

Mary Zebert


Trustees are stewards of the church’s physical resources and property. The trustees are responsible to oversee the budgeting process, manage church finances, and maintain the church building and grounds. Our current trustees are:

Kate Alley

Sam Alley

Tom Dietrich

Bill Field

Tom Goodreau

Ray Kirkner

Norm Mackey

Karen Marsdale

Dave Reynolds

John Roland

Rod Simmons