What is our vision?

Park Road Presbyterian Church invites you to love Jesus more deeply by worshiping fully, learning humbly, and loving extravagantly. 

What does that mean?

By worship fully we mean we want to value and treasure Jesus Christ above all else, and we want to help other people value and treasure Jesus above all else. We believe valuing and treasuring Jesus helps ensure the right order of our other priorities in life.

By learn humbly we mean we want to learn from Jesus, we want to learn from one another, and we want to learn about ourselves. By living into these three realities we hope that we don’t merely learn for the sake of learning, but so that we can be changed, and transformed.

By love extravagantly we mean we want to love others well, and we can only love others once we realize how much we are loved by God in Jesus Christ. When we understand how extravagantly the love of God has been poured out for us in Jesus Christ, we understand the love of Jesus must be poured out through us to the world.