Sunday School

Albert Einstein once said, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think." When we gather as a church family for Sunday school that is precisely our goal - not merely to learn facts about Christianity, but to train our hearts and minds to think and live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Each Sunday from September through June we meet together to study a variety of Scriptural and topical subjects, always seeking to connect what we've learned to how we live. Recent studies have included prayer, the book of Nehemiah, and how healthy churches grow younger.

We are currently using "Real Life Discipleship: A Training Manual for Disciples who make Disciples," to help us take a more intentional approach to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Contrary to what we think, a mature Christian is not someone who knows a lot; a mature Christian is actively obeying Christ's call to go and make disciples. Join us to learn how!

If you have questions about Sunday school, please use the "Contact Us" form.